Our Mission is to...

To motivate and inspire an individual to build one brick at a time in whatever goal they want to achieve

Founder/CEO, Gerald Hearns

Brick by Brick Gear is a sports apparel business in West Palm Beach, Florida.


Since inception, we are dedicated to providing our BrickByBrick family with premier products of quality,  value and a story.


"Grind" in every aspect of life

Brick by Brick is committed to inspiring every person to “GRIND” in every aspect of life. We have a passion to help today’s dream-chasers turn those dreams into goals,  brick by brick.

My Start

Gerald Hearns, CEO & Founder, had a vision  to become a business owner since the age of six.


With help from his mom, he began selling lemonade, then scrapping aluminum and copper that he would use to buy materials to build hand modeled cars out of solar power and battery circuits.


Back in 2013 Gerald was the first student in a program called Student ACES (ACE) is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring every student to achieve a foundation of honor, character and integrity that will leave a positive and permanent impression on their teams, schools and communities.

ACE was started with 32 student athletes and to date has served over 12,500 high school student athletes. Gerald is an adviser to ACE and now teaches ACE workshops with Founder and mentor Buck Martinez, and is a regular guest speaker at ACE events. Buck Martinez, retired business executive and Founder of ACE has written about Gerald in each of his 4 published books.

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 Habitat Housing Solutions

Gerald Hearns also serves on the board for Habitat Housing Solutions which is a nonprofit that has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to generate funds to help build homes for low-income families in Palm Beach County.

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Gerald and Brick by Brick believe in giving back to the community that gave so much to him.   Brick by Brick Gear and Hearns will continue to encourage others to grind in every aspect of life by understanding that success does not happen overnight.

Contact info@geraldhearns.com for questions or concerns.

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